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January 2019 Homeward Bound

Tuesday, January 8, 2019   /   by Drew Nicoll

January 2019 Homeward Bound

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“HoME”WARD Bound

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Drew Nicoll

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And The New Year’s Resolution is…

Round about this time of year most begin to make resolutions.  I think the idea is to resolve to be better, do better or accomplish something grander in the NEW year.  However, for whatever reason most fall short of keeping a resolution let alone achieving them! I for one have been guilty of it. How about you?


There’s a great book that helped my team and I dramatically improve our follow through on achieving important goals and I want to share it with you – as sort of a Happy New Year After Christmas Gift.


Before I share the book details, here is my TWO-PART resolution to you and anyone you know considering selling the place they call home!


Part one: The Guarantee!

I will guarantee, in writing, the Sale of Your Home or I'll Buy It*  


Part two: The Give Back!

Just like last year, we are on a mission to raise $20,000 for Project Sanctuary of Mendocino County. We do this by donating to them a portion of our income from every referral we receive.  As you know Project Sanctuary of Mendocino County does awesome work in helping men, women, and children who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual assault. They provide services such as transitional housing, shelter, and counseling.


Most don’t know though that Project Sanctuary is a non-profit, so they depend on sponsorship and donations to provide their care. So when you or anyone you know does business with us, not only do we deliver on our five star service, you can rest assured a very worthy cause benefits as well.   


If you or anyone you know is considering selling, give me a call or pass on my number.  Thank you!! My number is 707-380-8057.

The book I mentioned is The Success Principles (How to get from where you are to where you want to be) by Jack Canfield

This book should be permanently on your reading list. A couple of chapters I recommend you read included:

  • Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life
  • Practice Persistence
  • Clean up Your Messes and Your Incompletes
  • Face What Isn’t Working
  • Just Say No!


If you read these chapters only, you’ll feel 10 times better than if you hadn’t — trust me!

P.S. We have also created a wonderful video showcasing Project Sanctuary’s wonderful services and our giving goal for 2019 and we are eager to share it!  Click Here to view it. 

Happy New Year!!!

Drew Nicoll



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