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October 2018 Homeward Bound

Friday, October 12, 2018   /   by Drew Nicoll

October 2018 Homeward Bound

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“Home”Ward Bound

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October 2018

Drew Nicoll


Moms and Halloween!

It's creepy and it's kooky -- and it's Mom's favorite low-stress holiday! According to mom after mom, those infamous "big name" holidays—you know which ones we mean—are sometimes more headache than highlight. The pressure! The presents! The out-of-town guests or out-of-town travel, the cooking and cleaning, the expense! But Halloween—that's a different story. More than two-thirds of Mom’s are involved in celebrating with their families. 

What I love best about Halloween is all the little things that I see families doing every year, stuff that's unique to their family, not part of some big commercial idea about what the holiday should be like.  Whether it’s just the basics—costume, trick-or-treating, candy eating— now we've got a whole series of activities and special events that many kids totally look forward to—from roasting pumpkin seeds to making a scary straw man for the front porch.  Things don’t have to be fancy, elaborate, or expensive, but it's all uniquely about family traditions and memories that kids will treasure their whole lives. Go on, string fake webs all over your porch, hang ghosts from the trees, cut out scary silhouettes and tape them in the windows, or create a cemetery in your front yard! Halloween's one time you can really go over the top with your kids.  Halloween is one time even the most health-conscious moms can give in to their sweet fangs without any guilt at all.


AND Remember… YOUR Referrals Help the Survivors of Abuse.


October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. My heart breaks for those who are suffering and experiencing violence in their life. This is the month to show support to those who are or have suffered. Project Sanctuary of Mendocino county is a great facility that is here to help guide those who have suffered, into a healing path in life. They also provide many other resources to help the survivors of abuse overcome their hardship such as emergency shelter, counseling, and transitional housing. We are so thankful to have such a great facility close by!

We aim to do what we can to help Project Sanctuary provide their wonderful care to the survivors who are unable to get out and have fun right now. That is why we are still on a mission to raise $20,000 for Project Sanctuary. For every referral we receive, we will donate a portion of our income to them. So, YOUR REFERRALS REALLY DO HELP SURVIVORS OF ABUSE…...



With all my appreciation.

Drew Nicoll

Nicoll Pallini Group

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